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Re-Imagining the PLP: A Systems Approach to Increasing Student Ownership

At last week’s   Standards-Based Learning Symposium   at St. Michael’s college, I orchestrated   a workshop   that shared this blog’s title. Not having any particular expertise with PLPs (but committed to making our schools more learner-centered and brain-friendly), I sent out an email to a swath of colleagues whom I knew had the PLP expertise I lacked. I asked them if they would help me prepare for this PLP workshop by answering these questions: 1. As you look out over the Vermont learning landscape regarding PLP, what are some of the bright spots--successes worth celebrating and emulating--you've encountered? 2. What are some of the most pressing questions educators and their learners are posing (or should be posing) about PLP? 3. What resources--texts, conferences, websites, human, other--do you recommend to educators looking to make PLP more robust and meaningful for their learners? 4. What other ideas / tips do you have that might help me become wiser about the