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Put Me in, Coach! Get Them in the Game On January 6 What’s the Story? convened its second in a series of Creative Conversations, a monthly, hour-long exploration of the learning laws described in Trust the Science: Using brain-based learning to update our educational OS . On the docket was Learning Learning Law #2: We learn best by performing badly at something we want to get good at. After a five-minute lesson re: Learning Law #2 (and some private think time), we moved into breakout groups, where participants discussed and documented resources ( organized here for you ) that can help educators transition to brain-based practices aligned with this learning law. Where We Go Wrong As soon as teachers proceed with a curriculum that is disconnected from their learners’ most pressing desires and questions, they’ve lost the vital force that propels long-lasting learning--intrinsic motivation. Complaining about disengaged learners while teaching a curriculum divorced from students’ curiosit