Why Should We (& How Can We) Engage Students in the Assessment Process?

Today I’m kicking off
Teachable Moments: Timely Mini-lessons & Practical Resources for the Time-Starved Teacher. Each Teachable Moments blogpost will include a short slide show / voice over to frame the topic, along with suggestions for how to use a few practical resources (included below) to apply.

  • This is what the original cover page looked liked when my Bread Loaf professor, John Warnock, first asked me / my peers to complete one. Here’s a modified cover page that you can adapt to any product students are working on. Please make a copy and adapt this for you and your students’ needs.
  • Consider regularly inviting your learners to share with you what’s working, what needs work, and what can be done about it. So simple. So effective.
  • Short piece by Robert Marzano that describes the powerful impact of having students join us in tracking their learning. Such a simple way to get students more engaged in the assessment process!
  • When students can compare their works in progress to exemplary models, they can determine what needs refining.  Begin collecting and saving exemplary models of what we seek from your students. Over time, invite students to compare their work with these curated student products to determine how to close the quality gap.
Bill Rich
Red House Learning, LLC